If you’re looking for a way to track down your wayward cat, or can never quite remember where you put your car keys, Loc8tor Pet might be the solution you are looking for.

Loc8tor Pet is a credit card sized tracking unit which wirelessly tracks up to four small tags.

The tags are small enough to fit on a key ring or on a cat’s collar, and two are included in the pack.

I bought Loc8tor about 6 months ago to help keep track of our three year old ginger tom cat Charlie.

Like a lot of cats, Charlie can seemingly disappear in an empty room. He also likes to watch you shout in the garden for 30 minutes before casually strolling out of a bush next to you.

In short, he puts the “ninja” in ginger.

I was initially concerned about putting a tag on his collar, and was worried that the extra bulk would be uncomfortable. I needn’t have worried as the tag slips over the collar in a provided silicon sleeve without causing any discomfort.

The tags themselves are 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.3 inches, and weigh about 0.2 ounces. Once on his collar, my cat seemed completely unaware it was there.

Loc8tor on collar

The tags are tracked based on their proximity to the hand unit. A series of LEDs on the unit illuminate the closer the tag is, and an audible indicator adjusts in tone and frequency.

While this isn’t a precise measure, it does point you in the right direction. When being tracked, the tags themselves also beep and flash to help you close in on them.

Loc8tor claim a range of up to 400ft in open space, but this is drastically impacted by any objects between the tracker and the tag. In my experience you can probably expect less than half that range in an urban environment, or worse if a substantial structure is in the way.

Despite the relatively short range, the system has proved invaluable. In one instance it even helped find my cat when he was seriously ill and had collapsed in a neighbour’s garden.

Away from the pet side of things, the tags are suitable for keeping track of other small items. Car keys, wallets and purses are all good examples of things you might want to track.

Loc8tor Pet is available direct from Loc8tor, and costs $99.95 in US or £64.99 in the UK.

Is your cat always going missing? What else would you track with Loc8tor?

Use the comments below to let us know!