PhilippinesA packed bus ran off the side of a mountain and into a ravine, ending forty lives, on Wednesday. There were ten survivors, including a ten year old boy. Nine of them were taken to the hospital.

According to Police Chief Wilben Mayor, it appeared that many of the victims died after being pinned under the wreckage. Others were tossed out as the bus fell. There were 39 bodies removed from the massive wreckage of the bus. They were still attempting to remove a body pinned near the engine after more than 6 hours. Bodies of those who perished were placed in bags along the highway.

Apparently the bus went between a tree and home and dove into the ravine. There is going to be an investigation into the driver, who suffered a broken leg. The driver allegedly attempted to stop the bus’ impending fall by hitting a lamp post, but missed, and the bus ended up going over a barrier on the side that was over a foot high.

Local residents stepped in and helped to rescue the passengers who had survived. The Conductor had jumped off prior to the bus going into the ravine and was the first person on the scene.

The bus had travelled eight miles from its starting point of Baguio, which is about 120 north of the Philippine capital, Manila.  Fifty passengers were on board when the accident occurred. According to the conductor, there was no speeding involved, as the bus had just recently made a stop.

It is not uncommon for accidents to occur in this area. The weather and highway were both in good condition.