Fans and supporters of “Trailer Park Boys” won’t be disappointed with the latest installment from the cast and production staff.

We went to watch the new movie over the weekend and it was even better than the last one. There’s a whole lot more drugs, violence and of course your favorite characters from the show.

It’s literally the best creation we’ve seen from the entire group since they’ve begun the show.

Although it seemed that the end was a little rushed; the movie overall was a success and definitely a comedy worth watching with your buddies.

We enjoyed the film because it had a consistent humor throughout the entire movie which isn’t found in a lot of comedic creations nowadays.

“Don’t Legalize It” is set all across Canada. There’s scenes with locations from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Montreal and of course the Maritimes; where the show is originally set.

There are all sorts of new things happening in this movie. Expect the unexpected, as always whenever you see a production from the “Trailer Park Boys”.

I’ll give this a 4/5 star rating. It had all the comedic elements required to create a humorous atmosphere for the audience.