Welcome to our new training center!

Basic Training

Getting Started

This is the first stop for new writers.

Our mission, what we cover, and why! more >>>

How To Write A Story

We structure our stories in a specific way here at CP.

On this page we detail that structure and look at the differences between news stories, reviews, and general articles. more >>>

How To Use The Submission Form 

A look at where to go to submit your story and where to put things once you are there. more >>>

Advanced Training Modules

These are advanced training modules. They are independent of each other and do not need to be read in order. Please complete the basic training first.

 Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s & don’ts that come up while writing at CP… more >>>

How To Add Additional Images To Your Story

Where to get images you can use plus step by step instructions on how to add them to your story. more >>>

AdSense Use & How To Apply

CP AdSense policies & how to apply…  more >>>

How To SEO Your Story

How to find & use keywords and keyphrases… more >>>

Style & Grammar Guide

Notes on our style and grammar here at CP…  more >>>

How To Add Videos

How to add videos to your story…  more >>>

Don’t Stop At One 

Develop your stories and become the expert…  more >>>

The Key To Success

Here’s the big secret…  more >>>

Writing A Kick-Ass Title 

Rake in traffic by offering readers what they want… more >>>

Ask Questions: Get The Quote 

Get original, breaking, content direct from the source. It’s easier than you think… more >>>

7 Mistakes Writers Make That Rob Them Of Hits! 

Not getting as much traffic as you should? Check out these mistakes that… more >>>

More Coming Soon!

Just a placeholder for a new article that’s coming soon!  more >>>