Tried The New YouTube App For Windows Phone 8 Yet? It’s Better, Faster

Tried The New YouTube App For Windows Phone 8 Yet? It’s Better, Faster

It seems like the differences between Google and Microsoft have been resolved when talking about YouTube.

Microsoft recently announced that it released a new YouTube app to be used with Windows Phone 8.

The software manufacturer previously blamed Google because of the bland app that it offered and cited compatibility issues as the problem.

Now consumers from all around the world can take advantage of what was labeled as a “completely redesigned” app.

For those that are not aware of the previous scandal, Microsoft declared that Google was blocking access to the YouTube metadata for Windows Phone 8. Metadata is highly important in searching for favorites, video categories and many other features.

At the same time it was stated that Android smartphones were allowed access.

There is no way for us to know if this was done on purpose, but what counts the most is that Windows Phone 8 smartphone users will appreciate the fact that the brand new app comes with many different new features.

As simple examples, users can now add queries to Start As Live for faster start up time, they can pin various channels, playlists and specific videos, and there is also a Kid’s Corner feature that can be used to limit the content access for children.

This brand new app will allow the user to manage his/her YouTube profile and sharing is now possible through text messages, e-mail and social networks.

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