Consumers waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to hit stores may have to wait a little longer if recent production problems continue.

A news report from the Korean media indicates that the new Isocell camera on the Galaxy S5 is causing problems and could delay overall production.

The Galaxy S5 will feature a new six-element lens, but fitting that lens into the existing camera module is proving quite difficult.

As of this writing, Samsung had not started production on the sixteen-megapixel camera due to these issues.  They had planned to start last month, so they are behind schedule quite a bit already with no solution to the problem in sight.

As Consumer Press reported earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest in the company’s smartphone line, is scheduled to be released April 11 in over 150 stores world-wide.

That date may have to be changed in certain regions if these problems persist.

This report comes just weeks after a fire at the factory that produces the phone’s circuit boards threatened to delay releasing it on time.

Consumers were already concerned about availability, so this is news is not encouraging.

We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

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