According to a recent British study, watching too much TV can increase your risk of heart attack.

The study found that people who spend four or more hours a day in front of the television are more than twice as likely to suffer from heart failure, stroke, or heart attack, and will have a shortened lifespan as well.

The research team was headed by Emmanuel Stamatakis, A senior research associate at University College London’s epidemiology and public health department.

“Our research suggests that screen time and perhaps sitting in general can be very detrimental for overall and cardiovascular health,” reported Stamatakis.

4,512 adults, both male and female, were questioned about their leisure activities, and then checked up on for the next 4.3 years while the research team gathered data. Out of all the people surveyed, 215 had some sort of cardiovascular event and 325 of them died.

The study found that people who spend 4 hours or more in front of a TV or computer screen are 48% more likely to die in general and 125% more likely to have some sort of heart attack or stroke than people who spend less than two hours in front of a screen.

“This is excessive,” Stamatakis said. “And besides, TV watching [is] a waste of time in the most passive and uncreative way, in most cases. It also displaces hugely beneficial physical activity and, according to our findings, is also linked to unique and distinct risks for health.”