Walking Dead Fan Rewards Sweepstakes: Code Words for April 8

Walking Dead Fan Rewards Sweepstakes: Code Words for April 8

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The article below was published on April 8, 2018.

Dead-heads if you are looking for the latest code words for AMC’s TWD’s Fan Rewards Club you’ve come to the right place!

Tonight’s code words for the week of April 8 are: WALKERHERD. You can enter the words for 300 points once between 9 P.M. EST on April 8 and 3 A.M. EST on April 9; enter the words any time after that for 100 points until the next episode airs.

For fans who don’t know, the TWD rewards club offers viewers of the Walking Dead the unique opportunity to win once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences by earning points and participating in social media events.

You can join the club for free at TWDRewards.com and there are lots of ways to earn points, the most popular and easiest being to enter the code words that are shown each week during the Walking Dead.

Fan experiences include a personal message from a cast member, tickets to Talking Dead, and a tour of the set; in addition, points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and merchandise.

In addition to the code words, you can rack up points by watching videos, making purchases and reading articles.

For the complete set of rules and to find out more go to AMC’s Official Fan Club page.

Have fun and good luck!