TWD: Rick Is Back, Bathed | Carol’s Alive! | Sweepstakes Words

TWD: Rick Is Back, Bathed | Carol’s Alive! | Sweepstakes Words

Last week we saw Rick in a rage-filled blood bath.

Tonight, he reappeared, surprisingly clean and fresh, but still not all together there.

The Walking Dead has taken some wicked turns this season so far. Tonight’s episode was the 6th of 8 for the first half of season 3. There will be 16 in all. AMC has not announced exactly when the second half of season 3 will air, but last year the second half of season 2 started in February.

Ok, we are talking about the zombie apocalypse here. There’s always a lot of tension. But in tonight’s episode, “Hounded,” it was smothering. That you could cut the tension with Michonne’s sword would be an understatement.

Our heroes, at least the main group, are depressed. Perhaps more than they have ever been. They are still functioning, still thinking of supplies, defense. But it’s obvious that the loss of Lori, and by extension, the loss of Rick, has been heart… and perhaps spirit… breaking.

Rick is getting mysterious phone calls in the prison, and Michonne is in the woods. Merle was hunting her, but also ends up finding Glen and Maggie. And Andria is making out (seriously) with the Governor! Sleeping with the devil, some may say.

As we go through this episode, we end up with Rick talking to Lori on the phone. Prior to his call with Lori, he also chats with Amy, Jim, and Jackie. (Someone please leave a comment on who Jim and Jackie are, I don’t remember them!)

Rick’s lost it. But Lori, in his head, reminds him of his kids. After that, the connection gets bad, there’s static. He looses her. He hangs up, returns to the group, and cradles the baby.

Daryl finds Carol, deep in the prison, alive.

And Michonne, who witnessed Merle kidnapping Glen and Maggie (and knows where Woodbury is) makes her way to the prison, and is spotted by Rick.

Could this be leading up to the brother vs brother confrontation we predicted earlier in the season? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out. The Walking Dead’s next episode will air next Sunday at 9/8c.

There’s already a sneak peak at episode 7, and a making of this episode, online at:

Tonight’s sweepstakes code words were: Dead, Men, Walking.

The Walking Dead’s sweepstakes website is at: If you’re here, you know what to do with that.

Hmmm, they never did explain how Rick cleaned up so nice.

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode, and the series overall, in the comments section below!

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