TWD: S3 E2, Hershel’s Leg & The Sweepstakes Code

TWD: S3 E2, Hershel’s Leg & The Sweepstakes Code

The Walking Dead, S3, episode 2, picks up right where episode 1 left off… with Hershel’s leg being hatcheted off.

Oh, yeh, you got it right – cut right off with as much gory detail as possible.

Of course, at the same time that’s happening, our heroes are surprised by some very live inmates. Ends up a group of them were locked in the cafeteria as the prison was being overrun by the zombie apocalypse.

The inmates, have been locked up for 10-some months, since the very beginning of The Walking Dead. They have no idea as to what’s been going on outside the prison.

While Hershel is tended to, the inmates and our regular gang come to terms. But it doesn’t last long. Two of the inmates, one of which was their self-appointed leader, are killed or left for dead by Rick. For just purposes, of course. Lori did tell him to do whatever it took to keep the group safe. These are desperate times.

Two inmates remain alive. Now they have one cell block in the prison. Our gang has another.

While most of the men-folk are dealing with the inmates (and walkers), Hershel dies… but only for a moment. Then he’s back! He grabs Lori, who was trying to give him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Is the mother-to-be bitten? Is she doomed?

No, the CPR she performed worked, he’s alive.

Meanwhile, Carol is practicing surgery on a walker – eww. She’s preparing herself just in case Lori needs a c-section when the time comes for Lori to have her baby.

But unbeknownst to Carol… something… someone… is watching her from the woods outside the prison.

Rick and Lori have a quiet moment to talk. Lori appears to think they’ll talk about their marriage. Rick pats her on the shoulder. Referring to Lori saving Hershel, he says “We’re awful grateful for what you did,” and walks away.

And with that, it’s a wrap. From the previews, it looks like we’ll get a bit more on Andrea’s situation on next week’s The Walking Dead. Perhaps along with that, we’ll finally get to learn more about Michonne. Wow, that’s been a long-time teaser.

Oh, speaking of teasers – here’s the three word code for this weeks The Walking Dead sweepstakes at – it’s “Fight the dead.”

What did you think of this week’s version of The Walking Dead? What do you think will become of Lori’s pregnancy? Will that work out or not? Leave your comments below!

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