The Walking Dead ep304The take away from tonight’s The Walking Dead, Killer Within?

It’s a vicious world and no one is safe.

Our show starts with Glen and Maggie being caught in a compromising situation. Then we have Rick giving the cold shoulder to the two remaining prison inmates.

In Woodbury, Michonne is investigating the town, already having figured out that things aren’t adding up. But Andrea isn’t buying it. She likes the town, and the governor.

Meanwhile, there’s sabotage at the prison, Walkers are in the prison., the group is split between fences. T-Dog is bit in the shoulder. No possibility of an amputation with this one. During the attack, the prison alarm sounds – calling more Walkers like a dinner bell in a lunch room.

Wouldn’t now be a perfect time to…. have a baby? Yeh, that’s what the Walking Dead writers are throwing at us in this episode. A baby, right in the middle of a Walker attack. But something is wrong. Maggie, who, along with Carl, are the only two with Lori as the baby starts coming, yells at Lori to stop pushing. Something is wrong.

In another part of the prison, T-Dog, knowing he is already doomed, sacrifices himself to save Carol. Rick and Daryl make it to the generator room to shut down the alarm. There, in the shadows, lurks the saboteur who opened the gates to the Walkers and set off the alarm. Ends up it’s a third prison inmate who survived (this being the one Rick locked up in a fenced in yard full of Walkers). Attacking Rick, the saboteur is killed by one of the other inmates, who sides with Rick and the group over his former inmate.

Lori knows a c-section is the only way to save the baby. And she knows she won’t survive the procedure. The only one available to do it, the untrained Maggie.

In a very touching moment, Lori says goodbye to Carl. She then says “Goodnight, Love…” and we watch her die as the baby is cut from her womb. Carl watches his mother die. Then he must put her ‘down,’ shooting her in the head, to prevent her from turning. Talk about intense. Lori is gone.

Rick soon learns of Lori’s death… and falls to the ground, helpless, curling in to a fetal position. There wasn’t a dry eye in this house.

By the end of tonight’s The Walking Dead we’ve lost T-Dog and Lori, and gained a new baby. Tonight’s show will be long remembered by TWD fans. The Walking Dead won’t be the same after tonight.

On a lighter note – here are the three sweepstakes code words for tonight: “Fear The Living.” The sweepstakes can be entered here.

What did you think of The Walking Dead, Killer Within? Any desire to watch it a second time? (yeh, not here either!) What does the future hold for Rick, Carl, and our remaining heroes? Leave your comments below.

Oh – and where’s Carol?