TWD Season 6 Spoilers: New Poster, Major Deaths & More.

TWD Season 6 Spoilers: New Poster, Major Deaths & More.

The Walking Dead released a new poster showing images from the 2nd half of season 6 and while the images appear innocuous, on closer inspection, you’ll see they hold clues of what’s to come.

The mid-season premiere of season 6 is a little less than a month away and as fans count the days they now some new information to digest as clues and spoilers continue to emerge about upcoming deaths.

For those who don’t want to know what’s coming I would suggest you stop reading now; everyone else enjoy the poster and images below, along with our interpretation of it and spoilers from other TWD writers and fans!

Before we examine the poster, let’s look at what showrunner Scott M. Gimple had to say about it in a recent statement: “This image gives a look at tiny pieces of a larger world our group is about to discover…In the new world, they’ll find hope, possibility, tragedy and the terrifying cost of change.”

Ok, as comic book fans know, Alexandria does not survive this zombie hoarde and the gang moves on, represented by the images of smoke (2nd pic on the top row) and the RV with a truck trailing it (bottom row, last pic) in the poster.

As for Gimple’s words, there can be many interpretations, but his reference to the terrifying cost of change in my mind is a direct reference to Negan and Lucille.

I believe that fateful scene will occur in the last episode of season 6 and will be the only major death our group suffers this season.

Make no mistake though, that one death is going to be epic and I think it will definitely be a core group member (Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Carol or Maggie).

I don’t see it being Carl, which is why I didn’t include him.

I also want to point out that looking at the poster there are several images involving hands grasping, grabbing and holding.

I think these all tie-in to the idea that this season is about letting go of what was as they move forward to a new, but not necessarily better, world.

The group is once again letting go of a place they thought was safe (Alexandria) and may possibly have to say goodbye to one of their own.

Now, as for the other images, let’s look at one of the most significant ones: Carl and Jessie holding hands (bottom row, 2nd to last pic).

This image is a reference to Jessie grabbing Carl’s hand in the comics and refusing to let go when Ron panics and gets bit- leading to Rick cutting off Jessie’s hand as she gets devoured.

In the comics Jessie only has Ron, but based on the mid-season ending I would guess it is little Sam that panics and gets bit (I am not looking forward to that scene).

Also, during this sequence of event in the comics Carl ends up getting shot in the face accidentally by Douglas (Deanna on the show).

Based on that and all the scenes of Rick showing Ron how to shoot I suspect will survive, at least initially, and be the one to shoot Carl.

The other hand image (bottom row, third pic) is of a handcuffed walker.

This could be connected with Negan, or it could be a random pic thrown in by Gimple to reinforce the recurring hand images in the poster.

Which leads us to the image of the woman walker being grabbed/held (upper row, 3rd pic) with her hand up.

The watch and necklace are a dead give away that this is Deanna.

There are different rumors as to who is grabbing her: some say Morgan and others say Michonne.

Based on that final scene with Michonne and Deana it would make sense that it’s Michonne, but the gloves on the hand look like Morgan’s to me.

He appears to be grabbing and pulling her off someone- could it be her son Spencer?

It will be interesting, if it is Morgan, to see how he handles having to kill Deanna.

Speaking of Morgan, the image of him on the horse could mean one of 2 things: he is either looking for help/food or he has been banished from the group for knocking out Carol.

Somehow, I don’t see Carol ratting him out, so my guess is he is scouting in the aftermath of the zombie invasion on Alexandria.

As for Carol, the first pic on the top row of that hand clutching rosary beads is hers.

We know this because The Spoiling Dead Fans has images on their FB page of Carol in that exact jacket filming episode 16 of this season (you can click on the link to see those images).

In the images there is also a man with a gun, but very little could be seen as the set was closely guarded according to TSDF.

So why is Carol holding Rosary Beads?  Could she have put down Father Gabriel? Or was he part of the filming and the one who was shot.

Those images from TSDF also show Morgan leaning over what appears to be a body lying on the ground; a later pic shows Carol popping up from the ground.

Could she have been on the floor with Fr. Gabriel and he gave her the beads?

It could be connected, but at the very least these pics reinforce the idea that Morgan was not exiled from the group.

The satellite dish is a little odd, but it may be a symbol of what was, or a symbol of what possibilities the new world holds.

Finally, there is the pic of Rick’s face with a scar under his eye.

This could be a harbinger of his first run-in with Negan, or it could just be battle scars from the showdown at Alexandria.

I go with the latter because Gimple loves to trick us (the scar under the eye is also a subtle nod to Carl’s situation in the comics).

Ok, so what are your predictions for the 2nd half of season 6 of The Walking Dead?

Check out the pics and tell us below, and be sure to  follow all my latest TV and streaming reports on Twitter.

The mid-season premiere of season 6 of The Walking Dead airs Sunday, February 14 at 9 P.M. EST on AMC.

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