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Tuesday was a big day for Twitter users, since Twitter Inc finally unveiled its much publicized user profile pages redesign effort.

This is the very latest attempt by the company to bring in new users to the 7 year old service.

Reacting to an all time low user growth figure last quarter, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced that the company would be taking several steps to freshen up its services. This change is a one of the steps outlined by him to calm worried Wall Street analysts down.

Though the unveiled redesign seemed to be mostly a cosmetic upgrade, it did fall in line with Costolo’s February announcement that Twitter was willing to experiment and try out new ways of content organization.

Twitter users will now be allowed to select large banner pictures, which will be displayed on top of their user profile pages, mimicking the cover photos that are allowed on Facebook.

Though users can now expect their Twitter accounts to have better looking user profiles, but there’s more too. Twitter will now also have additional features such as the opportunity to “pin” a tweet so as to make it stay at the top of their tweet feeds.

This is indeed a rare effort from Twitter to move away from the continuously rolling format that was used for the service up till now.

Similarly, tweets that have received several retweets or replies will appear slightly larger in the tweet feed, so as to trigger even more user engagement on them.

While this new layout and its new features will initially only be available to a small group of initial users, its roll out for Twitter’s 241 million users in expected in the coming weeks.

Though Twitter’s fourth quarter revenue was reported to be higher than expected on 6th February, most investors simply focused on the meager 3.8 percent user growth. This has been the lowest growth rate figure  for Twitter, ever since it started disclosing these figures.

Twitter went public in November 2013 and now the San Francisco company is taking all efforts to calm its investors.

The recent weeks have also seen Twitter testing several new advertising units. They are also testing out the use of ads that include mobile app download links.