Two people are dead due to a salmonella outbreak in a Johnston, Rhode Island, bakery.

The salmonella outbreak has been linked to DeFusco’s Bakery. According to the Providence Journal, a total of 66 people are confirmed to have become ill during the outbreak. The bakery was shut down on March 25th, after it failed a safety inspection. Amongst the safety inspection failures – baked pastry shells were stored in a cardboard box which previously held trays of eggs. The inspection found evidence of salmonella in the box, possibly from a salmonella infected egg breaking within the box.

A man in his 80’s died on March 23, and man in his 90’s died March 31. Both were confirmed to have been infected with the same strain of salmonella that has sickened the others. The outbreak first became known when 11 patients from a nursing home were sickened after eating custard filled pastrys, called zeppoles, which were made at DeFusco’s Bakery.

At least one lawsuit has been filed against DeFusco’s Bakery so far. The suit is being brought by a mother whose son fell ill after eating two zeppoles. The family’s attorney, Bill Marler, said of the case “The health department findings show health code violations that are a reflection of a seemingly cavalier attitude by DeFusco’s toward the health and safety of its customers. Especially after last summer’s nationwide Salmonella outbreak linked to eggs, DeFusco’s workers should have known better than to use egg crates for storage of finished bakery products.”