If you like Robin Hood movies, you have a lot to look forward to. Disney just bought a screenplay and are racing to make the next Robin Hood movie, Nottingham & Hood. 

Word is the new blockbuster will have the same feel and tone as their Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Meanwhile, Sony is working on their own version as well – Hood. Sony plans on making a series of these films based on Robin and his merry men.

A re-boot for these films might just be what the world needs. The latest Robin Hood movie, with Russell Crowe, has 43% on rotten tomatoes. The Prince of Thieves earned 50%.

Maybe a bigger, and better version – with the right script – will redeem the film version of the hero.

The advantage at the box office will be given to the first one to hit theaters. While Sony probably has a bigger scope for the film, with the public domain franchise, Disney knows how to handle franchises. Just look at how they handled the Pirates movies, Toy Story, and now, the highly anticipated Star Wars films.

I imagine both films will be released in 2016.

We’ll keep you up to date as things develop with both these films.

Are you looking forward to both, or either of these Robin Hood films?

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