Uber Drivers Can Ask Riders For Cash

Uber drivers can now request cash tips from riders.

In a recently settled  class action lawsuit with Uber, the car service is being required to clarify their tipping policies.

Since Uber’s inception, the company has touted that riders did not need cash to have their own personal driver on call.

Many riders have been under the impression that tips were included in the fees that Uber charges, yet that is not actually the case.

The basics of the app remain the same, users can order a car and the credit card they have on file will be charged upon arriving at their destination.

However, now drivers can verbally request a tip or post signs inside their vehicles to indicate a cash tip would be appreciated.

While this change is bound to present some awkward moments, the company is declining to add a tip feature to its app. Competitors like LYFT have already incorporated a tip feature for riders to use in order to keep tipping simple.

This change could leave drivers and users with an overall uncomfortable trip, and ratings for drivers could be directly affected if a rider feels uncomfortable with the request.

How do you feel about tipping Uber drivers in cash?

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