Dr. Shane Wall’s book “Understanding” is a wonderfully written Christian book calling us to reflect on ones understanding of life. It is set for release in September, 2014.

In it, Dr. Wall points out that as a Christian, one can study and study the Bible, and look for meaning in the Word, but he also questions what good any amount of studying can do if, in the end, there is no understanding of what it was trying to convey?

Though the book is Christian based, it applies to other areas of one’s life too.

For example, just because you are knowledgeable in the principles of finances, it doesn’t mean you will become a millionaire.  But having that knowledge plus the understanding of how those principles can work together to make money, will get you a lot further concerning your financial goals.

Hence, in “Understanding”, Dr. Wall writes that knowing the Bible is not nearly effective as both knowing Biblical principles and understanding how it is intended for us to apply it to our lives.  And he proposes that it is in true understanding of any given situation in life that one can find the keys to success.

I must confess that since reading it, I have stopped to think about quite a few things and my understanding of them.  And from everyday occurrences to points in our own personal Spiritual journeys, I can see the value of what Dr. Wall is challenging us to understand in this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who seeks to gain a greater understanding of life and life’s principles, especially in a Biblical or Spiritual sense. It is a very good read!

Christian or not, what do you think?

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