Verizon Wireless has a bad news for the heavy data users. They have eliminated their unlimited data plan and the new data plans they offer do not include ‘unlimited’ any more.

The new data plans from Verizon Wireless will be applicable from Thursday and new Verizon customers will have to sign up for the new usage based plans. The idea of unlimited data plans has already been abandoned by AT&T and now with this step, Verizon has brought a door of opportunities to Sprint. Because if a user wants an unlimited data plan with their cell phone now, the only nationwide option they will have is Sprint Nextel’s network.

Sprint is now the only nationwide operator providing unlimited data plans. In last few months, they have also campaigned on the meaning of unlimited – where they targeted data caps and throttling by the other carriers. Though T-Mobile is offering unlimited plans, they slow down the connections which exceed a certain amount of data usage. So that leaves only Sprint as the provider of true unlimited data plans.

There is a good possibility that Sprint may offer iPhones to its customers in the near future. If that happens, they will be the only carrier who will provide unlimited data with iPhones