US Airways announced this week that they will be expanding First Class service to 110 of their regional jets.

Travelers taking advantage of the First Class upgrade will receive priority check in, early boarding, priority baggage handling, larger seats with more legroom, a First Class cabin, complimentary drinks and snacks, pillows, and blankets. The cost for the First Class service upgrade is expected to add $50 to $200 to the price of a ticket, according to Chris Moran at

US Airways plans to start offering First Class service in October. The completion of the installation of First Class seating in all 110 planes by January of 2012. “Once completed, US Airways will offer the highest percentage of daily departures with a First Class cabin among the four major network carriers,” they said in a statement.

“With the installation of First Class on US Airways’ Express partner aircraft we’re able to offer our First Class customers seamless, same-class service to the more than 85 destinations these aircraft serve. This will also offer our Dividend Miles Preferred members complimentary upgrades on nearly 640 more flights each day,” said Andrew Nocella, senior vice president marketing and planning, US Airways.