This past week, the United States Postal Service announced a list of over 700 post offices that will be closed to save money. Thousands of employees are set to lose their jobs due to this massive cut.

The government-run USPS has been in competition with private companies such as UPS and Federal Express for years, but the US postal office says it “can no longer compete” with these services. Consumer Reports have repeatedly given UPS and FedEx higher ratings saying “the United States post office is the slowest” at package delivery.

Private competitors make a profit for postal service, so they do no require not taxpayer funds. Capitalism Magazine said that “both UPS and FedEx outperform the post office, even though the post office has huge advantages.” The United States Post Office pays no federal tax, no state tax, and no parking tickets.  They don’t pay rent.  They don’t pay to register their vehicles.

Capitalism Magazine also called the postal service “a government monopoly that should be allowed to die like an inefficient private company.” The postal service also costs citizens $7 billion in taxpayer money.

In the words of John Stossel of Fox News Business, “The people who are upset of about their post office closing are the people who are always upset by change.  Some have only been using the post office because it’s a monopoly.”