USA Covert Affairs, Seasons 1-4, Available Streaming On Amazon

How will Annie and McQuaid bring Belenko back to the CIA alive?

Will Annie save McQuaid’s life, or will Ryan save Walker’s, deepening their devotion to each other?

Fans of Covert Affairs will soon find out in the season finale on December 18.

For those who wish to watch the unfolding of this spy, crime, action, suspense, romance, drama from the beginning, or over and over again, Seasons 1-4 are available for unlimited streaming on demand from Amazon, with a $99 annual Amazon Prime membership.

Episodes of soon-to-conclude Season 5 are $1.99 for SD format, and $2.99 for HD. Complete Seasons 1 is $19.99 for SD format, and $24.99 for HD. Seasons 2-4 are $24.99 for SD, and $29.99 for HD format.

DVDs are also currently for sale for Seasons 1-4 at and available for Prime 2-day free shipping. Seasons 1 and 2 cost $12.99 each, Season 3 is $11.10, Season 4 is $19.99. Used, resale copies are also available for less.

At Best Buy, the Season 1 DVD is $12.99. Seasons 2-4 are $29.99. Shipping is free on orders of $35 or more.

The Season 5 DVD is available for pre-order now for $35.98 with a lowest price through release-day guarantee. It is also a Prime 2-day free shipping item. The pre-order terms guarantee that you will pay the lowest price between this price and the price at the end of the release day. Verizon FIOS has all episodes of Season 5 of this USA Network drama on demand for free as well.

Hulu Plus is $7.99 per month, or roughly $96 for the year. Netflix plans start at $7.99 per month. It’s hard to tell what seasons and episodes are available through Hulu Plus or Netflix, whereas you can easily see in what seasons and episodes are available, for streaming on demand, for download sale, and on DVD.

For all the additional benefits Amazon Prime offers, such as unlimited photo storage in the Amazon Cloud Drive, and 2-day free shipping on Prime items, unlimited streaming of 1 million songs, and 500,000 free ebooks, it looks like Amazon Prime gives you the best deals, in my opinion

Covert Affairs is a USA Network television drama series starring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham. Season 1 aired in 2010. In 2011 Piper Perabo, who plays CIA Operative Annie Walker, was nominated for the Golden Globe Award, Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Drama. In 2013, Christopher Gohram, the actor who plays Auggie Anderson, an operative who is Annie’s blind tech guide, won the Canadian National Institute for the Blind award for Seeing Beyond Vision Loss Special Achievement Award.

Covert Affairs is directed and produced by Stephen Kay, who Piper Perabo married this past July, according to People magazine. We don’t yet know whether Annie will find permanent love with Ryan, meaning settle down like Joan  (Kari Matchett) and Arthur Campbell (Peter Gallagher), while juggling demanding careers, and especially if she returns to the CIA. In real life however, Perabo was able to marry someone from work. But then again, in Hollywood, it happens all the time!

Perabo played Violet “Jersey” Sanford in the movie Coyote Ugly, and Nora Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen.

Annie’s spy missions, some personally-initiated, take her the world over to Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Istanbul, Paris. For spy-inspired city-fun guides, visit the USA Network website.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the highly-suspenseful and “surprise at every corner” drama Covert Affairs, and will be streaming the drama again from Series 1 on Amazon Prime Instant Video, as well as other of my favorite TV shows, like Suits and White Collar.

Are you a Covert Affairs fan? Tell us what you like about the show. Will you be streaming past seasons from Amazon?

Tell your friends, and us below.

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