Ever wonder what the people who produce the safety videos on airplanes might do if they had a little more freedom?  Well, the folks that are charged with making the ship safety and rules information video for the crew of the USS Enterprise decided to have their way with their work.  They shot and produced a somewhat-spicy version of the subject matter.  What was once a hum-drum, required video is now not so boring – and it is making headlines for the U.S. Navy.

The public service movie has scenes depicting women “with” women in the shower as well as men “with” men in the shower.  The video contains profanity, slurs, and scenes of simulated masturbation.

It seems, however, that the video was produced all in good fun.  While certainly some people have taken offense to the video and have been questioning the authorities that allowed it to happen, others are suggesting that it was  away to, “blow off steam” in a time of war, according to psychologist Dr. C. Ron Baskaway from Baltimore, Md.  He says that comedy is sometimes the healthiest thing for a crew like the one on this ship and that breaking the rules as a “team” can build the working family and many times can strengthen morale.

The Navy, for it’s part, has condemned the video and the fact that taxpayer dollars were used to make it saying that the depictions in the video are not consistent with today’s U.S. Navy.

Take a look for yourself here.