A recently discovered shipwreck off the coast of Rhode Island could be the USS Revenge, a ship captained by Oliver Hazard Perry that was sunk in 1811.

Perry became a hero of the Navy when he played a large role in the American victory against the British in the Battle of Lake Erie. Perry is famous for saying “We have met the enemy and they are ours.”

The two divers responsible for the discovery, Charles Buffum and Craig Harger, brewery owner and history buff, have been interested in the shipwreck for several years now.

Their first discovery came in 2005, when they discovered a cannon from the vessel. They didn’t make any announcements about the find until they had explored the area further. Since the first discovery, the duo came across several other objects that they are certain were from the 1811 shipwreck, including an anchor that the vessel was known to have lost.

The amateur sea explorers contacted representatives at the Naval History & Heritage Command in hopes that the Navy would conduct a salvage mission on the shipwreck.

So far the Navy has been unresponsive, and Harger and Buffum hope to raise enough money to salvage the wreckage on their own.