‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast & Crew Spill The Beans (Video Goodness)

The cast and crew of the CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’ made their fourth trip to Comic-Con this past weekend in San Diego to spill spoilers and answer fan questions.  The mega-hit show has not only broken records for the network, but has garnered a huge fan base in its three years on the air.  Most of the cast and the geniuses behind the show, Executive Producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec made up the panel on Saturday, where they answered questions about the new season, newly turned vampire, Elena and that love triangle!

For those of you who missed the May finale, the show gave viewers quite a cliffhanger with the main character, Elena turning into a vampire.  In true Vampire Diaries fashion, it left all of us on the edge of our seats wanting more!  So, what is exactly going to go down in the new season?

Fans got a little taste with a teaser trailer for the new season, which aired before the panel.  Although it didn’t give away much, Julie Plec and the some of the other cast spilled a little more about the season and where these characters are going.  “Everything just feels so new and so fresh. It feels so familiar in all of the right ways and it feels so different in all of the best ways too. There are these wonderful core characters for everybody to explore,” said Plec.  “Elena’s going through a new change, of course. And Damon and Stefan are going to have deal with that change with her and for her. But, all of the characters, too, as they gear up for senior year and graduation. It’s a lot of really good, deep, emotional, twisted stuff.”

What is up next for the character of Elena and the Salvatore brothers?  “How do you make Elena her own as a vampire without just making her Katherine?” said Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena.  “It’s going to be tricky and I’ll discover it as we go along, but I think it has to do a lot with experiences. Your experiences shape you and Elena’s had a lot of experiences, a lot of near-death experiences. She’s going to struggle with who she is and what she is now.”  As far as the love triangle goes, Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon said there’s going to be a new dynamic this season.  “She can take care of herself. Finally.” said Somerhalder. “And it adds a really strong dynamic between the three of them. They can learn something from each other and it makes for a good interesting story.”

The Vampire Diaries’ fourth season airs October 11 on the CW and you can pick up Season 3 on DVD September 11.

For those who weren’t lucky enough to make it to San Diego over the weekend, here’s the full Comic-Con Panel video:

What are your predictions for the new season?  Is there anything you want to see happen or not happen?  Share your thoughts below!

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