Verizon to offer new prepaid plans.Those of you who are on a prepaid Verizon plan are in for a treat on February 1st.

According to a leaked document from PhoneArena, the carrier will be dropping the current prepaid prices for two new plans.

The current plan is $80 for smartphones with unlimited talk time/text and 1 GB data.

Everyone who has subscribed to this plan before January 31st gets an additional GB as a part of Verizon’s double data promotion.

The two new plans are going to be at $70 and $60. Both the plans will be introduced with unlimited talk time and text similar to the current plan. The $70 plan will have 2 GB of data, while the $60 plan will offer 500 MB.

Additional GB above 2 GB will cost $20 extra.

Verizon’s prepaid plans are only for 3G data, and there are no prepaid plans available for 4G LTE. The phone options are: the Samsung Illusion, some Blackberries, and the HTC Rhyme.

Current subscribers of $80 plan can keep it, but with the new price structure, there’s little reason for them to stay on it.

Would the pricing interest you in a 3G plan? Or you would spend extra for a 4G plan? Feel free to leave your comments.