Verizon Vehicle – Security and Assistance For The Masses

Verizon Vehicle brings cutting edge technology to over 200 million vehicles currently on the road.

Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, Verizon’s new service aims to modernize traditional roadside assistance offerings, while also enhancing driver safety, convenience and savings.

“As one of the largest communications companies in the world, we are dedicated to providing consumers with innovative technology solutions that connect people, solve challenges and inspire change,” said Erik Goldman, president of Verizon Telematics. “Verizon Vehicle is a unique and truly holistic aftermarket solution available to over 200 million vehicles on the road today. It affords millions of drivers the power to knowing when things aren’t working well, potentially before a breakdown occurs – fostering a safer, smarter and more economical way to drive and maintain a vehicle.”

Essentially, Verizon Vehicle is OnStar available to non-GM vehicles. The system comes with a module that can be self-installed into a car’s OBD port, a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to the visor, and a smartphone app.

With Verizon Vehicle, drivers will receive a notification on their smartphone if a potential issue is detected with the vehicle. A button on the speaker will connect to the member care group, the mechanic hotline and roadside assistance. A second SOS button is there for emergency situations. The Automatic Urgent Incident Alert System can immediately dispatch emergency services if an accident is confirmed or there is no response from the driver.

Verizon Vehicle will launch in the second quarter of 2015 as a subscription-based service, and be powered by their wireless network. However, drivers will be able to use the service regardless of which wireless provider they use for their mobile devices. Members will also receive discounts on travel including hotels and auto service.

What do you think about Verizon Vehicle? Are you interested in having the security and assistance offered by the service in your car?

Consumer Expert Mike Ratcliffe

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