A recent study shows that out of all the small businesses in America, 45% plan to embrace online videos in 2011- that’s almost twice the number since the same study was conducted last year.

Ad-ology, the group behind the study, provides data just like this to allow small businesses to better understand what is happening in the marketing industry. According to their online website, Ad-ology is “the science of applying consumer insights for strategic advertising and marketing.”

They state that understanding the trends of the marketplace and knowing how the competition is working the market is a critical element for businesses with a small budget.

Almost half of all small businesses plan to put more money into their advertising budget this year. That includes adding video to their online marketing efforts. Only 29% of businesses had plans to make this jump in 2010.

According to the same research group, the number of small businesses with a website is only 64% of the entire section; they consider this to be an alarmingly small number.

President of Ad-ology, C. Lee Smith, said that small businesses “may not have the resources of big businesses, but things like online (video) and social media help level the playing field.”