Started as a crowd funded project on Kickstarter, the new Omni gaming treadmill from Virtuix allows users to actually walk through their favorite games.

In combination with the upcoming Oculus Rift  virtual reality headset, gamers will be able to turn, run, jump and more in the Omni as the headset tracks their movements giving them a 360 degree view.

Unlike traditional treadmills the Omni does not have a motor, movement is instead achieved through a low friction concave surface and specially designed shoes.

The software for the Omni only supports PC games, but according to their website, Virtuix is working on expanding to other platforms.

While gaming seems to be Virtuix’s primary focus, the platform could also be used for fitness as well as virtual tourism.

By itself the equipment doesn’t create a completely immersive  gaming environment but when coupled with virtual reality goggles it comes pretty close.

To use the Omni, consumers will also need to have a PC and game controller.

Right now the Omni is available for pre-order on the Virtuix website for $499. Virtuix expects to begin shipping in June of 2014.