Volvo’s all new XC90 an instant online success

On September 3, 2014 Volvo released the all new XC90 SUV for online sale only.

Within 47 hours the 1927 vehicles, offered for presale as a numbered and limited edition first release, sold out.

That is incredible. Volvo sold each of these for a MRSP of $81,500(Canadian) unseen, no test drive, and no salesman.

Why all the interest?

When the XC90 was first released in 2003, it quickly became the brands top selling model.

Jeremy Clarkson, the host of Top Gear, has owned three. He believes the person who designed the vehicle must be a parent due to its immense practicality.

Practical does not mean attractive. In my humble opinion the original versions were not ugly, but looked like a Volvo wagon suffering from an allergic reaction, all swollen and puffy.

The latest model however is very striking, inside and out. Never garish or flagrant, just graceful and discretely elegant.

Volvo has filled the new XC90 to the gills with new tech.

As always much of this is safety related, and will no doubt make this the safest SUV in its class. This is not really a surprise as much as an expectation given Volvo’s reputation.

From the images I have seen, the interior is Scandinavian, meaning inviting, uncluttered, luxurious and logical.

Volvo claims to have further uncluttered the interior, not that Volvos of the past ever vexed claustrophobics, by eliminating numerous control switches, buttons and knobs in favour of an in-dash touch screen system.

The all new XC90  is available in three trim levels: Momentum, Inscription and R-Design. All offer a unique blend of luxury and performance.

The new XC90 has two engine choices.

The T6, a 4 cylinder engine that is both turbo-charged and super-charged to produce 316 h.p.

The base engines fuel economy is rated at 7.7L/100 km or 31 mpg.

TheT8, is the same engine coupled to an electric motor, and provides an additional 80 h.p. as well all electric drive capability for short durations, at the push of a button.

Pricing starts at $60,700 ($48,900 USD), but with optional climate, vision and convenience packages, can climb to $75,000.

All variants are automatic and AWD.

I look forward to piloting this latest version and testing Volvos claim to have built the worlds best SUV.

On paper it appears they may have.

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