Wake Me When it’s Over – American Idol Finale Falls Flat: Review

To be fair, Lauren Alaina overcome a blown vocal chord and Scotty McCreery fought to overcome his lack of range in the performance finale of American Idol season 10.  But something was just missing this year.

There wasn’t much to round out the performance this year.  Yes, Taio Cruz performed live, but it just didn’t fit the show.  David Cook also offered a performance, but the need for a taped presentation just didn’t fit.  Some viewers expressed the show was too rushed, and would have flowed better without either of the bonus tracks.

There was a heavy country feel to the songs and performers, without much to offer for pop and rock fans.  But the performances were nice, as were the songs and the contestants.

Perhaps it was just all too nice.  There was no Simon Cowell to add an edge, and no tense competitive nature with the contestants.  It was almost like two best friends were on stage going through the motions.

Alaina was doing the minimum to avoid further damaging her vocal cords, and was on doctor-ordered vocal rest (aside from singing).  After the show she would pen her responses and her competitor, McCreery, read off her answers.  When asked about the show and her performance, she kept it short and sweet: “It was good.”

McCreery seemed to be doing enough to keep pace, but didn’t want to belt out his songs for fear of taking advantage of his injured buddy.  “For me, I went out there and did my best and left everything out on the stage,” McCreery said.  “So our work is done and now it’s up to America.”

Yes, it is time for America to vote.  Those that didn’t fall asleep, that is.

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