Walden Pond Enables Visitors to Glimpse Thoreau’s Life

Henry David Thoreau, one of the great transcendentalist writers, lived for a while on the shore of Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts.

The area where he lived now has a log cabin in his memory, hiking trails, and a beach where kids can go swimming.

His time spent living there. for over two years starting in 1845, became the inspiration for his book Walden; or, Life in the Woods which has helped many generations appreciate nature and the environment. It is one of his most successful works, and has helped to make the pond famous.

Because of this, Walden Pond has become a National Historic Landmark and is also considered to be the place where the conservation movement started.

Now the Walden Pond State Reservation has 335 acres of space, including areas to swim in the summer and trails to hike in the spring and fall. One leads to a replica of Thoreau’s one-room cabin.

There are also guides and tours to show the highlights of the area.

Interested in visiting Walden Pond or a fan of Henry Thoreau?

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