National HIV Testing DayWalgreen’s is offering free HIV testing from June 27 to June 29th at over 175 Walgreen’s stores in 54 cities and 22 states across the nation.

The free testing program coincides with National HIV Testing Day.

First observed on June 27, 1995, National HIV Testing Day was established to encourage people across the United States to get tested.

Over half of adults in the United States have never been tested. Nearly one 1 out of 5 people with HIV don’t know they have contracted the disease.

Early detection and treatment can save lives.

A list of participating Walgreens’ stores is available at:

According to Walgreen’s, there will also be  red, white and blue signs saying “Free HIV Testing Today” at participating stores.

If you’re diffident about public testing, there is an in-home HIV Test available.  The product is called OraOuick, and it’s the 1st HIV home testing kit that’s been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). OraOuick does not require sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis.

If you know of other pharmacies or healthcare providers offering free HIV testing for National HIV Testing Day, please share them below!