AMC is now streaming full episodes of Season 4 of ‘The Walking Dead’ for free. Unfortunately, only customers of select cable companies can enjoy this free ‘Walking Dead’ treat. RCN and Service Electric are among the unlisted providers.

If you want to prepare for the October 12th Season 5 premiere of ‘The Walking Dead,’ you better start watching now. Episodes 1-11 are available for 25 more days; the remaining Season 4 episodes will stream for 40 more days.

‘The Walking Dead’ fans have lamented the lull in Grimes’ gang action since “A” aired on March 30th. The fate of Rick’s crew was left uncertain, but you can head over to AMC to hunt for ominous “Easter eggs.” Now that viewers know Father Gabriel will join the cast of characters, many are certain Terminus houses the notorious hunters from ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book series.

What do you think is in store for Rick? What circumstances will reunite Rick with the missing remnants of his post-apocalypse family?