Wall Street Journal Makes Holiday Savings Easy

With the Christmas season fast approaching, the holiday shopping sales are already starting to hit.  The Wall Street Journal has a great tool this year to track the best prices on this year’s most popular items.

Traditionally, shoppers have considered Black Friday and Cyber Monday the best days for bargains,  but that has changed the past few years, with many great sales hitting at various times throughout November and December.  Finding the right items has always been a struggle, but sometimes finding the best sales is even harder.

Instead of subscribing to email alerts from various retailers and sifting through daily lists of products and prices, The Wall Street Journal’s Christmas Sale Tracker provides a live update on the price of 10 hot shopping items.  The items are selected by WSJ based on social data from Google and Twitter, as well as industry gift lists.

Holiday shopping can be a cutthroat business, so some retailers don’t even advertise the price drops on certain products to avoid tipping off competitors.  WSJ’s tool goes a long way to helping consumers reference all the competition at once, and compare the trending sales on each product.

Unfortunately, although the items listed are deemed to be the most popular this season, the tracker’s utility is limited by by only displaying 10 items.  There’s also no way to receive alerts when prices hit a low point, or drop below a designated dollar amount.  An improvement in these areas in future years will make the tool invaluable to holiday deal-seekers.

Nevertheless, I was personally pleased to notice that 3 of the products listed were items I had already been price tracking, so it may not be as limiting a factor as it appears.

The Wall Street Journal does note that the best prices tend to actually hit the Monday before Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving itself, so keep your eye on the tracker November 24th and 27th if you are looking at snagging big savings this year.

Source: WSJ

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