WalMart has announced a plan to return the store to what it was previously known for, a one-stop shop with low prices.

As a part of the plan, WalMart will be filling the shelves with approximately 8,500 products that had been removed previously. The company had streamlined their offerings by removing products they felt were not top sellers and placing their focus on offering lower prices on the merchandise that was left. The strategy was intended to appeal to more shoppers, but instead cost many of the shoppers the stores already had. When customers were unable to find the products they normally could find at WalMart, they turned elsewhere.

According to Duncan Mac Naughton, chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S, the company is listening to its customers and bringing back the items they want to see. WalMart shoppers will notice that items such as fabric and fishing supplies will again be on the shelves. In addition, some stores will see items that are needed and wanted regionally. Customers in Minnesota had previously complained about the lack of snowblowers and ice fishing gear in their WalMart stores. They will see those products again.

As the company goes back to its original focus it will also be bringing back those special priced products that line the center of busy aisles. The height of the shelves will be increased again. Every department will see an increase in products and brands.

The company feels that in a time when consumers are paying more for everything from gasoline to clothes, it is important that WalMart return to its foundation of offering the lowest prices in a one-stop shopping atmosphere.