Walmart Guarantee Card – Registration Deadline Extended

Walmart Guarantee Card – Registration Deadline Extended

*This post is from 2012 – to see our most recent post about problems with Walmart’s one hour in-stock guarantee program for 2013, click here!

Walmart is admitting to problems with its Black Friday In Stock Guarantee Card registration page, and has extended the deadline for shoppers to register their cards.

Not long after Walmart’s hour long In Stock Guarantee promotion ended, Consumer Press began receiving comments from readers saying they were having trouble completing the registration page.

“Walmart had all year to figure this card registry out and they expect us to figure it out in two days. We can’t even get to the site…. Anyone that doesn’t get a confirmation back from them WON’T get the product that they stood in line for, and for some of us that was hours,” commented Gary Smith on our story about the frustrations Guarantee Card holders were experiencing.

In addition to the lack of instructions and the site being down, CP readers also complained of the registration page timing out while they were registering, the system saying they had insufficient funds on the card, and/or the page telling them they had a $0 balance on the card.

A number of readers said they spent hours at Walmart to get the card, hours trying to register it, and then were told by Walmart’s Black Friday In Stock Guarantee customer service line to return to the store to resolve the issue.

The three products available in the Walmart Black Friday In-Stock Guarantee promotion were an LG Blu-ray player; an Emerson, 32 inch, HDTV; and an iPad 2/$75 Walmart gift card combo deal.

Shoppers who went to Walmart between the hours of 10pm and 11pm the Thursday before Black Friday were told that if the item they wanted was out of stock, they could purchase a guarantee card for the same price and pick up the item at later time. After purchasing the card, shoppers then had to register for the item online.

Even before the registration problems became apparent, CP reported that the guarantee was not as solid as Walmart advertised.

On Saturday, Walmart admitted there were problems with the registration process.

In a recording on their Black Friday In-Stock Guarantee card customer service number, they said they had resolved a technical issue and those that had experienced registration problems should now be able to register.

Walmart also said in the recording that the deadline for registration is now Monday, 11:59pm, November 26. That’s an 24 hour extension from the previously stated Sunday,  11:59pm, November 25, registration deadline.

The registration page is here. Walmart’s Black Friday In-Stock Guarantee customer service phone number is: 1-800-966-6546.

Did you have trouble registering your Black Friday In-Stock Guarantee card?

Have you been able to now, or you are still having trouble?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below!

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