Walmart Quietly Selling HP TouchPads, TigerDirect Sold Out

Walmart Quietly Selling HP TouchPads, TigerDirect Sold Out

Walmart began quietly selling the 32 GB version of the HP TouchPad $149 last week. Like the deal over at Best Buy, buying one at this price requires the consumer to purchase another computer as well.

Unlike Best Buy, Walmart slipped the deal in last week rather quietly. Best Buy trumpeted their HP TouchPad/PC bundle to the world when it became available on HP-TouchPadNovember 1. The Best Buy bundle included an HP TouchPad for $149 when purchased with an HP or Compaq laptop, desktop, or all-in-one computer.

Walmart on the other hand, has not issued any press releases about its HP TouchPad bundle. It doesn’t have the deal on the front page of It can be found on their site by doing a search for the HP Touchpad… and even then it’s about the fourth listing down from the top. Walmart’s bundle is a 32 GB HP TouchPad for $149 with purchase of a select HP laptop. Qualifying laptops start at $349.

TigerDirect also put together an HP TouchPad bundle, but this one did not require the purchase of another computer. Instead, they bundled it with accessories. The bundle included the 32 GB TouchPad, a tablet case, stand, speakers, and a 16 GB flash drive, for $280. The TigerDirect HP TouchPad bundle became available on November 4, and according to TigerDirect, they’re already sold out.

Both Walmart and Best Buy report they still have HP Touchpads in stock.

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