Walmart is testing a pilot program that will allow customers to grocery shop anywhere, placing an online order for pick up, and driving to their local store to pick them up.

Customers are contacted by Walmart when their order is ready for pickup. From there, the process is simple, and quite similar to a drive thru pharmacy.

Once at their pre-selected store, customers contact Walmart staff by calling from their cell phone, or using a nearby touchscreen kiosk.

Various Walmarts in Denver also offer a home delivery service in lieu of store pick-up. Customers still order their groceries online, but instead of driving to their local store, they pay a fee between five and ten dollars to get immediate delivery.

At this time, there is a minimum order limit of $30.

Walmart collected data and has learned that 55 percent of shoppers desire the in-store pickup option, because it allows for them to easily pick up additional items they may have forgotten.

Walmart will likely expand this program over time, designating a specific location within each store to accommodate the program.

Would you love your local Walmart to offer this service?

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