Did that music on tonight’s Warehouse 13 sound familiar?

The hit show from the Syfy channel made a big shout out to the original Star Trek series and tonight’s episode. In this episode, which combined Warehouse 13 with characters from Eureka, our heroes, Pete, Myka, and Claudia, come to the rescue of Fargo and Jerry, two characters from Eureka.

All five become trapped in the medieval/fantasy themed videogame. This episode was particularly fun and imaginative. But what really drew a smile to the face of this fan of the original Star Trek was the music played during a fight between Pete and this big, medievalish, grim reaper monster type of thingee.

The music came from the Star Trek episode “Amok Time”, in which Spock, affected by Pon Farr, ends up in a battle to the death with Capt. Kirk. The musical score during the battle is very memorable, as one fan commented on YouTube “Every single fight in the world should have this music for background…”

Here’s the video with the music from the original Star Trek episode, “Amok Time”: