Authorities are questioning whether there was an accomplice at the shooting yesterday of Gabrielle Giffords. They believe a man who might be in his 40’s or 50’s could have been an accomplice to the shooting. They are asking for the public to speak out if they have any information on this man.

The FBI has stepped in and taken custody of the gunman. The attacker, Jared Lee Loughner, or the accomplice managed to hit Giffords with a straight temple shot. One of the reasons she did not die before getting to the hospital was he shot her with a small caliber gun whose bullets do less damage, reported ABC News.

In a live interview by ABC of Dr. Richard Besser , a neurologist, he said there were several things that might have helped her condition so far. One, she was alive when she made it to the hospital. According to Dr Besser, two thirds of brain shot victims die before getting there. Two, she was shot with the small caliber pistol. Three, she was shot straight through the forehead and the bullet exited instead of staying in the brain, breaking up and doing more damage.

Although she is in critical condition, the doctors will be looking for several reactions over the next few days. Dr. Besser called it the 2-2-2. For two days they will be assessing her reactions and behavior; for two weeks they will be closely monitoring the infections and diseases that hospitals can spread; then for two months they will closely monitor her recovery. Those are the most important time frames in a brain shot victim’s chances of recovery.

The neurosurgeons who operated on Mrs Giffords stated they still do not know how much damage was done to the brain. However, she was showing some responses although in seriously critical condition. Her husband, Astronaut Mark Kelly, is by her side.

ABC reported it has been 30 years since a political figure in the U.S. has been gunned down. So far, six people have died in the massacre. Federal Judge John M. Roll and a nine year old girl were among them.  Two others were staff members of Congresswoman Giffords (D) Arizona.