The economy of Royal Oak, Michigan has certainly been booming, which is a surprise considering the way things have been going across the rest of the country.

Ted Cantu, owner of a web advertising firm based out of Detroit, has been helping local companies customize their websites for better revenue for the past several years.

“That’s what we do,” stated Cantu. “Our campaigns buzz and go live in 24 hours, this is the thing that is going to save our city and we are getting the job done.”

Cantu has recently opened up his new marketing studio in Detroit, where he bases his own “medical marketing” operations. He claims that web page promotion is the only way for a company to effectively reach out to potential customers.

He goes on to say the the right combination of online promotion has been helping local private medical professionals garner a 20% increase in the number of customers they see every month.

Cantu sees his recent move into the heart of Detroit as a stand against companies who claim to be something they aren’t.

“Others call themselves Motor City this or that but run their business in the safety of Oakland or Washtenaw County and refuse to deal with the problem and to me that’s just a bunch of rubbish”.