webeeWebee claims to be able to turn your home into a smart home for cheap.

You can use Webee to control pretty much any electronic appliance or gadget in your home from the couch or remotely.

Webee works through a hub which you connect to your television and internet network.

Then, you can begin controlling your appliances through a phone app.

If you have appliances that aren’t already smart, Webee can fix that with a number of plug-and-play devices they call bees.

After you install Webee for a week or two, the system can begin to make suggestions that can save you money or time.

For instance, it can tell if you’ve accidentally left a light on and correct your mistake. It can also power down the sprinklers if it begins to rain.

Webee can even turn the porch light on for you if it knows that you are arriving home late from work.

If Webee sounds like something that interests you, the company still hasn’t quite gotten off of the ground yet.

They are running an indiegogo campaign with a goal of $50,000, $46,780 of which they’ve already earned to date. However, the campaign only has 10 days left.

Starting off with a $99 donation to the campaign, you can buy yourself a Webee hub and a lifelong membership to their service.

Do you like the idea of having a smart house?

Do you think that Webee’s venture will be successful?

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