For the second time in as many weeks, a tornado has touched down in Massachusetts.  This area of the country is certainly not know for twisters.

In the town of Amherst, center of the Five College System (UMass, Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College, and Mt. Holyoke), an automated phone call alert went out from the town manager to residents saying that a tornado has been seen in Leverett.  Conformation by weather and government officials has not yet arrived at the time of this writing.  Leverett is not known for much outside of Western Massachusetts.  At last count, there were less than two thousand residents in the small town.

This latest tornado, or possible tornado, is the most recent in the trend of strange weather occurrences for 2011.  With the summer just started, tornados have been in the headlines almost weekly.  One must question the relevance of this severe weather and wonder if these occurrences are some new trend fueled by global warming or if they are simply stochastic events that occur normally and, in the grand scheme of things, are mere “blips on the radar.”

It is not known at the present time if there are any injuries or property damage as a result of the storm.