As the future collides with Christmas, more wearable technologies are starting to showing up under the tree.

Though Nike has shut down its FuelBand division, the nascent wearable tech market is taking shape as big companies step up to fill the void. Thanks to near constant improvements in computing miniaturization, the shopping humans of today may end up the consumer cyborgs of tomorrow.


Samsung is offering its Gear Fit 2 fitness tracker for only $99 on Amazon and is one of the only manufacturers offering wearable devices with a Super AMOLED screens.

The Gear Fit 2 provides a mode for measuring both activity and sleep. While there have been some complaints about the device’s accuracy, its high-tech screen, slim fit, and low price the Gear Fit could potentially be a hot item this holiday season.


One of the newest devices on the market is the Sony SmartWatch 3. The device comes packed with such features as a built-in GPS sensor, Wi-Fi radio and expandable memory.

At $520 the SmartWatch 3 is definitely not the most inexpensive smart watch on the market. Fortunately, cell phone carriers are offering potential sign-up discounts that could shave a few hundred dollars off the price.


Garmin can no longer be associated with bulky in-car GPS units. As applications like Google and Apple Maps eat into Garmin’s bread and butter, the company has repositioned itself and entered the wearable market.

One of its first offerings was the Vivofit. While this may not be the newest and most flashy device out there, the fact that it can go a full year without needing to charge the battery is a pretty big selling point. The Vivofit is currently going for a respectable $76 at Best Buy.

These three manufacturers represent the vanguard of the wearable industry, with companies like Misfit, LG and Jawbone coming up fast. As more devices hit the market, price points will continue to drop.

Spread the joy of the season while impressing friends and family. Put a piece of wearable technology on this year’s holiday list!