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UPDATE: 9/21/15: Mysterium is now available for preorder at several online retailers. According to Asmodee’s Facebook page, the game is set to release Oct. 9. The lowest price is currently at Cardhaus for $31.82 plus shipping. Preorders are also being taken at CoolStuffInc, Funagain Games, Miniature Market, and Amazon. Prices range up to $52.49. Shipping costs vary with each seller.

UPDATE 4/15/15: Asmodee has announced that it will publish Mysterium in the United States. They don’t have word on a release date or retail price yet, but it should be coming soon. Check back for updates.

The board game Mysterium is getting rave reviews, but it isn’t available at retailers in the United States yet.

For those fans who have to have the game, which is being described as Clue meets Dixit (think deduction with beautiful surreal art rather than words), Portal Games is selling it on its website.

There is a catch. The box and the rules aren’t in English. The Polish version of the game, Tamenicze Domostwo, is on sale for $36 until Dec. 24. Shipping, which is from Poland, is $27.50.

Portal’s website includes a link to the rules in English. Since there are no words on any of the game pieces, the English-language version isn’t necessary to play.

There is one Ukrainian version currently for sale on eBay. The Ukrainian version of the game reportedly has slightly different rules.

There is no word on when Mysterium will release in the U.S.

The game is cooperative, meaning that all the players either win or lose together. One player takes on the role of a ghost in an old manor house. The other players become psychics invited to the house by the owner to discover what really happened there. The ghost gives the other players clues in the form of cards with pictures to help them discover the truth.

Mysterium is for two to seven players, ages 8 and up.

Despite it not being available in the United States, it has already reached No. 37 on Board Game Geek’s party game rankings.

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