Which New Cars To Avoid Buying And Ones You May Want To Consider

Shopping for a new car can be as tedious as searching for a needle in a haystack but Consumer Reports is attempting to make this task a bit easier by publishing a list of the nine lowest rated 2016 vehicles.

The vehicle ratings were based on a combination of road-test scores, projected reliability, owner satisfaction and safety — factoring in crash-test results from both the federal government and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Below is a condensed list of the worst ranked vehicles for 2016 their  along with suggested purchasing alternatives:

Sub Compact Car:

Lowest Rated: Mitsubishi Mirage

This one rated low in customer satisfaction. Customers complained that the 3 cylinder engine was noisy and delivered poor acceleration.  It was also reported to have a “drab interior and shoddy handling”

Better Value: Honda Fit

Compact Car:

Lowest Rated: Fiat 500L

This car received low marks for poor acceleration on the highway and the 22 MPG city and 30 MPG highway fuel economy rating is lower than its competitors. It also scored poorly on one difficult front-end crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Better Value: Volkswagen Golf SE

Midsize Car:

Lowest Rated: Fiat Chrysler 200

Consumer Reports faults this sedan for its mediocre ride and handling and a transmission that is bumpy. It also was rated poorly in reliability.Fiat Chrysler has announced that this model is being discontinued which should mean some really big price cuts by dealer trying to clear out inventory. Consumer Reports cautions buyers not to be lured in by the price

 Better Value: Toyota Camry

Luxury Compact Car:

Lowest Rated: Mercedes-Benz CLA250

This vehicle was ranked poorly in the overall driving experience which is said to “fall far short of a typical Mercedes.” The interior was described as being noisy and cramped.

Better Value: BMW 3 Series

Luxury Midsize Car:

Lowest Rated: Lincoln MKS

The MKS is described by Consumer Reports as cramped for its size and lacking a true luxury ride. Also, its standard V-6 engine is rated at just 17 MPG city, 26 highway, which is extremely low– even for the luxury class.

 Better Value: Audi A6

Or if you’re ready for a glamorous electric car starting at $70,000, the Tesla Model S got the top road test score of any car tested by Consumer Reports. And it was also best in its class for owner satisfaction.

Family SUV:

Lowest Rated: Dodge Journey

Lackluster acceleration combined with humdrum gas mileage place the Journey at the bottom of the ratings in this category. It also received low marks for poor handling and sub-par reliability. The Journey also received a poor rating in the Insurance Institute’s small overlap front-end crash test.

 Better Value: Kia Sorento

Luxury Compact SUV:

Lowest Rated: Land Rover Discovery Sport

The combination of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and nine-speed automatic transmission makes for spiky, uneven acceleration, according to Consumer Reports. So-called “turbo lag,” which delays power kicking in, and reluctance of the transmission to downshift can make it difficult to merge onto a highway. It also is predicted to be unreliable.

 Better Value: Porsche MacanBear in mind this highly rated vehicle is a much pricey option.

Luxury Large SUV:

Lowest Rated: Cadillac Escalade

This SUV is criticized for having a stiff ride that’s not up to the standards of a luxury SUV. Braking and handling also fall short compared to its competitors.

 Better Value: Audi Q7


Lowest Rated: Chrysler Town & Country

Consumer Reports criticizes the Town & Country for its slow-shifting transmission and poor gas mileage. The price on this model will soon be dropping dramatically as it is being replaced by the redesigned Pacifica.

 Better Value: Honda Odyssey

When in the market for a new car, the reviewers at Consumer Reports caution buyers against being lured into purchasing a vehicle based solely on big rebates, low prices, advertisements or features that do not contribute to the overall performance of the vehicle.

They warn consumers that, “falling for a smooth sales pitch and a swell cash-back offer could lead you to suffering years of buyer’s remorse.”

For the complete and detailed reviews visit the Consumer Reports’ website.

Consumer Expert Denise Hill

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