At long last, everyone who has being dying to own a Rolls Royce will finally get their chance – almost. Mini Cooper has unveiled a limited edition line of Rolls Royce style vehicles. The Mini Inspired By Goodwood features Rolls Royce exclusives – at a Porsche price.

Just exactly what makes this new Mini Cooper so great, one might wonder. For starters, it’s a collector’s item. Only 1,000 of these Rolls Royce-designed vehicles will be made at the Oxford plant (which, by the way, is not located in Goodwood). Each vehicle will be designated as “one in 1,000” by an aluminum badge.

Another great value of these lovely luxury Mini Coopers is their Rolls Royce interior and exterior. The inside features the exclusive “cornsilk” tone covering (um, that’s beige for us normal folk) with walnut burr encasing the door handles and controls. The exterior is painted in Rolls Royce Diamond Black metallic and wears “Mini Inspired By Goodwood” as an aluminum badge. The front and rear end mimic those of the Mini Cooper S. The wheels are a 17 inch multi-spoke design in light alloy.

The engine is similar to the 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder turbo engine found in the 2011 Mini S. It gets 181 horsepower and travels 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds. This little engine gets 35 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg in the city. It comes with a manual transmission, but those who prefer automatics can get one of those, too.

Just exactly how much is one of these beauties going to cost? Not much, really. The starting price in Europe, where they will be released first, is just 46,900 euros. For us Americans, that’s about $67,000. It ranks in price with the Porsche Cayman, which costs about $66,300, and the Cayenne S Hybrid, which cost a cool $67,700.

The Mini Cooper with the Rolls Royce styling will be released in March of 2012 in the European markets. It’s slated to reach the US sometime after that.