The highly anticipated guest appearance by Misha Collins on The CW Network’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? caused massive amounts of laughter all over the country.

While I was just as excited as the rest of audiences to see Misha on the show, I was slightly disappointed.

However, I was not disappointed with Misha’s performance.  Misha is a highly talented performer, known for his hilarious acts and improvisation.  I was disappointed with his lack of allowed participation.

The promos gave the impression that Misha was the main event for the episode, but they only brought Misha out for two of the skits during the course of the show.  Even during those two skits, he was hardly allowed to join in.  Before the revival of the series, the cast used to pull members from the audience to play the same exact roles in their improvisation.  Misha was not given sufficient opportunity to showcase his talent.

While the rest of the episode was still side-splitting, as always, I would have loved to see more of Misha participating as a regular cast member for those 30 minutes.

How did you feel about the episode?  Let us know!