Why Skyteboard Is A Stupid Idea

Skyteboard is marketed to be the first Internet controlled 3G Quadcopter.  The product was put on Kickstarter, asking for donations to reach the $300,000 goal to begin production.

The idea is that Skyteboard essentially becomes another social network to bring a community together via Fatdoor social networking.  It flies throughout the neighborhood, allowing anyone with the Fatdoor app to connect to it.

Here’s the thing.  There is nothing useful about this product.  YouTuber Phillip DeFranco brought a sense reality to his audiences about Skyteboard (full clip featured below):

“I’ve backed some stupid s**t on Kickstarter, and I’ve backed some stuff that I love.  I’m tired of companies just putting ‘social network’ on something and everyone’s like, ‘oh, that’s interesting’.  No!”

The idea that we need another social media site to “bring people together” is barbaric.  Never, in any area that I have lived in, would this product have received use.  The entire idea of social media is to bring people together who otherwise could not be connected due to distance.  This is a local connection only, rendering the idea useless.  If people in a neighborhood want to socialize, they leave their houses and go talk to one another.  This product is just another example of the world’s promotion of laziness.

Read and hear all about Skyteboard here.

What do you think of the Skyteboard?  Let us know.


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