Wikileaks and it’s supporters appear to be ramping up a cyber-war on both ecommerce and political websites.

Visa, Mastercard and Paypal have been hit by Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks in what has been called “Operation Avenge Assange”, which is apparently part of a larger “Operation Payback”. All three sites are online now, but both Visa and Mastercard were reported to be down earlier today. “Operation Avenge Assange” refers to Julian Assange, the spokesman for the controversial secrets spilling website Wikileaks.

Wikileaks supporters also went after Sarah Palin, attempting to disrupt her political action committee’s (SarahPac) website,  and her and her husband’s credit card accounts, according to

A hacker group that calls itself “Anonymous” is said to be behind the DDOS attacks. They claimed credit for the attacks through their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Both Twitter and Facebook shut down the groups social networking accounts later in the day, potentially drawing a target on themselves when the next wave of vengeful attacks are launched.

Wikileaks is said to be holding a a massive 1.4GB AES-encrypted “insurance” file. It’s been speculated to be full of secrets which will harm or embarrass the US and other countries. Only it’s creators know what is really in the so called ‘insurance file”.

The file has been distributed to servers around the world. Wikileaks has indicated that there is an automatic trigger that will release a password that will open the file if the Wikileaks website is shut down or if it’s spokesman, Julian Assange, is prosicuted. Assange is currently being held in a London prison due to an arrest warrant issued in Sweden, where he faces sexual offense charges.